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Best Uses of Big Data in Marketing

Best Uses of Big Data in Marketing Of all of its applications, Big Datas potential and actual benefits are perhaps most readily seen in marketing. Marketing, as defined by the American Marketing Association, is defined as:“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”With this definition, it’s easy to see the linkages between marketing and Big Data. Information can yield product insights allowing you to create products people want. It helps you understand how to effectively communicate the value of those products. You can optimize your distribution (and production) strategies to deliver your product to your consumer, and you can determine the appropriate rate of exchange (price) to ensure a healthy profit. In sum, the more information you have the more informed marketing decisions you can make. © | zaozaa19Clearly, there is great potential between the concept and the process. But in practice, how is Big Data used? And how should it be best be used to create value and achieve a firm’s strategic marketing objectives?In this article, we will explore 1) the benefits of using Big Data in marketing; 2) marketing planning using Big Data; 3) Big Data and its impact on the four Ps; 4) Big Data and digital marketing; 5) ROI and assessment; 6) using Big Data to build and strengthen brand loyalty; 7) the future of Big Data in marketing; and 8) a marketing case study of a firm using Big Data.BENEFITS OF USING BIG DATA IN MARKETINGBig Datas benefits for marketers are numerous. Harnessing the information available from a far greater number of sources than ever before,  as a marketer you can:Create a more accurate profile of your target consumer(s);Predict consumer reaction to marketing messages and product offerings;Personalize those marketing messages and product offe rings;Optimize your production and distribution strategy;Create and use more accurate assessment measures;Perfect digital marketing and campaign-based strategies;Retain more customers less expensively; andObtain product insights, among other tactics.This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but the marriage of Big Data and marketing certainly does enhance long-held marketing capabilities and give rise to an impressive set of new ones.Big Data, Big Opportunities for Marketing MARKETING PLANNING USING BIG DATAAssuming a marketer has the appropriate IT hardware/software infrastructure in place and personnel to manage it (whether in-house or outsourced), they will want to begin to work with the data analysts to explore the data itself. They will need to know what they should be gathering, and which tools they are going to use. These are critical questions to begin to handle the avalanche of data available. They also need to determine in which areas they will be gathering and linking d atasets in order to determine what questions they should be asking. They should start in areas that will give them a distinct competitive advantage, and actionable insights.The more insights incorporated in marketing plans, the more effective those plans are likely to be. Further, marketers can harness predictive analytics â€" a series of statistical techniques and modeling methods to forecast future occurrences using historical data. This can yield powerful insights about consumer preferences and probability of purchase. Predictive analytics is bug business. According to technology research firm IDC, the market for predictive analytics technology is projected to grow from $2.2 billion to $3.4 billion by 2018.They can also harness machine learning in the analyses of problems. Using smart computer software to handle some types of analyses saves time and money as computers can compute and model faster than humans can. Many firms, using proprietary algorithms, offer their services to m arketers/market research department.BIG DATA AND THE FOUR PsThe use of Big Data has implications for every aspect of marketing. Marketing is often described in terms of the four Ps: promotion, product, place, and price. Some marketers /marketing professors add a fifth P: packaging. Big Data can help hone marketers understanding of consumer preferences to design the kind of packaging that would attract consumers and more readily lead to a sale. But in terms of the more conventional definition, first, lets start with pricing.PricingBy incorporating various real-time datasets, including supplier and inventory data, models of consumer likelihood to purchase, and financial forecasts, firms can employ dynamic pricing allowing it to offer different prices at different times in different places to different consumers in order to optimize revenue. For example, hotel chains may offer one standard rate on their website on a particular day. They might also offer it as a part of package deals w ith strategic partners such as rental car companies or airlines. The hotel component of the price may be at a markup or a discount depending on the forecasted price. As the hotel begins to fill up, the hotels management can increase the price of the room, both as a standalone room, and as part of the package deal(s), as the room is both in demand and in short supply. If the demand plateaus shortly before the check-in time, hotel management can deeply discount it and offer it on discount hotel websites.Further, the firm can vary the pricing based on the consumer, or characteristics of the consumer. For example, an examination of data might yield that owners of a certain type for smartphone or those using a certain type of browser, are more likely to make hotel reservations independent of prices. The hotel can then increase the prices for those who access their site with said smartphone or browser. This is not a purely hypothetical example. Many hotels and hotel chains, such as Fairmo nt Raffles Hotels International, currently use dynamic pricing to optimize revenue. And hotels aren’t the only industry to adapt this strategy. Retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart, among others are well-known for doing so. Many well-known technology firms have incorporated dynamic pricing as well.ProductOne of Big Datas most common uses is to obtain product insights.  Firms can easily conduct qualitative and quantitative market research online at a much lower cost than two decades ago. Online survey tools and videoconferencing tools make focus groups and surveys with large sample sizes much easier to conduct as well. Firms can monitor the web and social media for mentions of their brand by consumers.  They can review the analytics for their own digital assets (website, microsite(s), blog, social media, and plenty of third-party signals to gain actionable insights. And they can also interpret that information to figure out ideal product extensions.PlacementMarketers can use Big D ata to determine the optimal channels to place their products. They can set up supply chains accordingly. In some cases, changes in placement are borne of necessity. Many newspapers, facing years of declining advertising and subscription revenue, have chosen to either go completely online and erect a paywall, or downscale print circulation and incorporate a free or paid online subscription model. Determining which option, and in the case of the latter, how to downscale (i.e. reduced subscription delivery dates, reduced retail distribution) can be determined in part by a careful analysis of Big Data. Possible variables might include areas in which subscriptions are declining; retail outlets where sales have either stagnated or declined any test of the effect of a paywall on existing subscribers, and more.PromotionBig Data can help consumers pinpoint the most likely targets to buy product, by allowing marketers to craft a more complete profile of their average customer. They can easil y test the marketing messages that work and adjust quickly midstream if they dont. In the hands of a capable marketing research firm or in-house marketing department, Big Data can be harnessed to test and predict likely consumer reaction to various marketing messages. For example, a firm sending out a bulk email to 250,000 consumers can use marketing data to create a psychographic profile of the average consumer, extrapolate their motivations, and write copy that speaks to them. They can test possible headlines with small sample sizes to see how many people opened each, and send out only those with high open rates. They can also use open rates and click through rates to qualify leads and move them further along the sales funnel.  They can then compare this to actual sales from these consumers, as well as social media mentions, in-person visits, and many other pieces of data.[cp_modal id=cp_id_75506] [/cp_modal]BIG DATA AND DIGITAL MARKETINGThe Internet is a major source of Big Data. Everything from website analytics to social media mentions to click-through ad rates can be easily aggregated, analyzed, and interpreted. It has also led to the creation of many new forms of online or digital marketing. A complete exploration of them is beyond the scope of this post, but they include (and are not limited to):Banner advertising: acquiring digital ad space on third-party websites that drives traffic to one of your digital assetsSearch engine marketing: using a combination of digital advertising, content marketing, SEO, and other strategies to increase a particular brands visibility in search engine rankingsContent marketing: brand, product, or search engine marketing through text, audio, photo, and   videoBrand storytelling: a form of digital marketing which emphasizes the brand promise through text, audio, photo, and video (e.g. photos of customers happily using the productSearch engi ne optimization: ensuring that your digital assets are properly coded to rank high in search engine resultsRetargeting advertising: cookie-based advertising strategy that displays a firms ads to its site visitors on third-party websitesSocial media marketing: brand or product marketing using social networks and social media toolsMobile advertising: advertising on mobile devices such as smartphones and tabletsNative advertising: advertising that appears similar to organic content on the website on which it appears (e.g. Facebook ads that appear like status updates)Digital marketing various sub-disciplines all collect and aggregate data which can be analyzed for patterns and insights. Further, these insights can be rapidly integrated into any digital marketing strategy. For example, an insight that the majority of online visitors to a firms digital assets are looking for a small set of content with common keywords, can lead digital marketers to develop new content with those keywords on all platforms. They can also look at that content in light of traditional marketing messages, product lines, and other existing strategies, and refine them accordingly.ROI AND ASSESSMENTDigital marketing has allowed marketers to quantify their efforts and quickly determine their success or failure. Big Data offers marketers more dimensions along which to assess that success of failure. For example, marketers looking to launch a brand awareness firm had little in the way of measurement two decades ago. Today, they can assess everything from social media mentions and likes to website visits and even sales. This is heartening for CEOs and executives who, pre-Internet often waded through murky metrics of success. Even MBA and undergraduate business programs are increasingly offering quantitative marketing programs which teach students to leverage insights from Big Data to refine and optimize marketing strategies.BUILDING BRAND LOYALTYBy collecting and aggregating so much information about consumers, marketers are now able to respond to individual consumers in a very personal fashion. By employing tactics that appeal to one’s fundamental motivations, preferences, experiences, and emotions, marketers can enable them to create a strong and lasting connection between customer and brand. For example, firms that aggregate customer service calls might take note that a customer who contacted a call enter has a kindergarten-age daughter, and might incorporate that in their marketing strategy directed at her. A follow up email from the associate with whom she spoke might acknowledge the conversation and suggest products that might suite her daughter; this could also be incorporated into the firm’s recommendation engine for her user profile.In order to deliver on the promise of personalized services, marketers need as much information as possible about consumers and customers. This is where Big Data comes in â€" providing targeted customers with information important to them.FUTURE OF BIG DATA IN MARKETINGIndustry pundits predict that Big Data will assume an ever-more central role in marketing as machine learning evolves and allows data scientists to analyze disparate data types ever quicker. Others predict deeper customization of product and personalization of services; others see the increasing rapidity with which marketing messages are developed becoming increasingly important revenue drivers. Ethics are, and will increase in, importance the more data is gathered. The more firms gather large datasets, the more government regulation will likely grow, especially in certain areas like privacy and security. However, many believe that while the tools are increasing in refinement and sophistication, the basic definition remains the same: “creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” As one marketing expert, Bob Borchers, the chief marketing officer of Dolb y Laboratories, said in a recent interview with Fortune:“Big data really isn’t the end unto itself,” he said. “It’s actually big insights from big data. It’s throwing away 99.999% of that data to find things that are actionable.”Marketers have been chasing those insights since the pre-computer days. With Big Data, they have reams and reams of data with which to do it.Big Business: Unlocking Value from Big Data with Analytics CASE STUDY © Wikimedia Commons | NetflixOne of the most well-known examples of Big Data in marketing is Netflix. An upstart video rental company competing against the likes of then-market leader Blockbuster video, Netflix began as a mail-order DVD service in 1997. Its website featured a sophisticated recommendation engine, an algorithm-based program that predicts consumer video preferences based on their past choices and many other bits of customer data available from its subscribers. For Netflix, which also employed a flat price for unlimited DVDs, this meant creating a tremendous value for their consumers. Beyond being able to undercut Blockbuster for multiple movies, they were able to develop a deeply engaged and loyal customer base by analyzing their customer’s signals, continuously refining their algorithms and coming up with increasingly accurate predictions of what their customers would want to view next. Further, Netflix’s forays into original programming, starting in 2012, were do ne using considerable analysis of the data they had captured during their ten years in business. This included everything from viewer records to ratings to comments to meta tags. Today, Netflix counts more than 44 million paying members, and Blockbuster, which filed for bankruptcy in 2010, is a faint memory, with most retail locations closed and a brand name now only used for an on-demand cable channel.

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Utopia in Gulliver Travels and Paradise Lost Essay

The Inconceivable Utopia in Gulliver Travels and Paradise Lost In Jonathon Swifts Gulliver Travels and in John Miltons Paradise Lost, the reader is presented with two lands representing utopias. For Swift this land is an island inhabited by horse like creatures called Houyhnhnms who rule over man like beasts called Yahoos. For Milton, the Garden of Eden before the Fall of man represents Paradise. In it, Adam and Eve are pure and innocent, untested and faithful to God. The American Heritage Dictionary defines utopia as an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. And while Houyhnhnm Land and the Garden of Eden may seem like ideally perfect places, they are not. Indeed, they contradict our†¦show more content†¦The prospect of utopia, that is, an unchanging static society, has little appeal compared to the prospect of trying to reach such an exalted existence. And its this idea of progress that we often associate with the idea of utopia. Appealing as it may seem, an utopia is a double edged sword. It is both the end result of our desires and an end to those desires. Because ending our desire goes against our human nature, the notion of utopia can no longer exist to the human mind. Therefore, neither the Garden of Eden nor the island of the Houyhnhnms is an utopia because both societies are unchanging. In them, both progress and desire is forbidden. In Book IV of Gullivers Travels, Gullivers ship is mutinied and he is forced into exile to a strange island. On this island he first encounters a rare breed of animal. He describes them, Their heads and breasts were covered with a thick hair, some frizzled and others lank; they had beards like goats, and a long ridge of hair down their backs (2403). These creatures are Yahoos, an inferior species thats very human in nature and in physical form. Next Gulliver meets the Houyhnhmns, rational horses who rule over the human like Yahoos. These two types of creatures symbolize both extremes of human nature, that of reason and emotion. The Yahoos are described as detestable beings driven by passion and emotion while the Houyhnhmns are reveled by Gulliver because of theirShow MoreRelatedBritish Literature Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagespilgrims who travel to Canterbury and they were saying stories each other, each one said four stories, but in tact there are only 23 tales. William Shakespeare – is the biggest author of this period Christopher Marlowe – might became another Shakespeare but he had been killed, lived only short life, he wrote many plays – â€Å"The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus†, â€Å"the Jew of Malta†, perhaps he also wrote Henry VI. – which Shakespeare revised and completed Sir Thomas More: he wrote â€Å"Utopia† – a vision

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Operational Motivation Plan Essay - 902 Words

Operational Motivation Plan This plan incorporates many aspects of motivation. It looks to some motivational theories described by Robbins as well as the opinions discussed in other articles. Robbins (2001) said that managers get things done through other people. They make decisions, allocate resources, and direct the activities of others to attain goals. Highlighting the positive elements will provide an excellent basis for management objectives, as well as the profile of the organization. The most difficult job that faces a supervisor is learning how to effectively motivate and keep his/her employees motivated. The average person when asked how to motivate someone will tell you what†¦show more content†¦* Discuss ways to empower staff. * Consider training and/or development needs of staff and work out for them corresponding training and development plans to raise the capability of staff for performance improvement. Organizations and Managers also have a responsibility to enhance the environment for their staff members. Per Herzberg’s Two-Factor and McClelland’s Theory staff should enjoy quality management by leaders who are not afraid of delegating decisions and sharing the accomplishments. Affording staff fair pay, organizational policies which they can aspire to, positive relationship with colleagues and a sense of job security, are the roles of the manager and the organization. Their employment should provide career advancement through promotion and personal growth, as well as a chance for an input in the behavior of others, appreciation, responsibility and achievement. Motivation in many ways is the key to success of many organizations. It is one of the most difficult tasks that a manager faces because everyone is different. The methods that are used to motivate employees must be tailored to fit each one. With multi cultural staff and organizational globalization these cannot be applied in isolation. Staffs are motivated in differing manners by their perception ofShow MoreRelatedThe Planning Control Link : The Basic Function Of Management Essay995 Words   |  4 Pagesactions for achievement of pre-determined goals. 1)Goals- ïÆ'Ëœ Planning requires a systematic approach. Planning starts with the setting of goals Setting of goals by which it means to work for the vision of the organisation to set a goal for which the plan is to be laid 2)objectives- Planning requires a systematic approach. ïÆ'Ëœ Planning starts with the setting of goals and objectives to be achieved. ïÆ'Ëœ Objectives provide a rationale for undertaking various activities as well as indicate direction of effortsRead MoreStudent Attitudes About The Recreational Services964 Words   |  4 Pagesthose can be driven from this method or the results. The transition in the samples and the characteristics from these aspects are including the proposed methods or aspects those will be tackled in the further research aspects. 7. â€Å"The best sampling plan is of no value if information is missing in a sizable proportion of the initial sample.† Why is this so? Discuss. Information is necessary to ascertain or compute the empirical evidences of what are the major influences of demographics and the directRead MoreHow Human Resource Management Is The Need For Labour1009 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen attempted to be answered by many professionals alike. The complexity of the question itself is due to the fact that although people can be segmented into different demographic groups, every person is different. The important role of employee motivation is something that both employers and employees should be aware of. There are many clear benefits to having an stellar workforce for organizations. For example, for an organization to achieve organizational excellence they need to determine whatRead MoreThe Nature Of Organizational Goals861 Words   |  4 Pagesorganizational effectiveness, and they serve a number of purposes such as guidance, and unified direction for people in the organization. Another, purpose setting prices strongly affect other aspects of planning. In addition, goal can serve as a source of motivation for people to work harder. Last, goals provide an effective mechanism for evaluation and control. Planning decision not only involve different purpose there also exist different kinds of goals for example mission, which purpose is set a businessRead MoreTeacher ´s and Learning and the Example of the Movie Dangerous Minds861 Words   |  3 PagesThe movie â€Å"Dangerous Minds† was directed by John N. Smith in 1995. â€Å"Dangerous Minds† was a move to encourage teachers to never give up on the students. Giving students motivation and understanding will go a long way. The students in the movie were misunderstood and rude to all of the teachers. The past teachers had given up on the students but the current teacher, Ms. Johnson, did not give up on the students. Ms. Johnson incorporated a few learning theories that turned out to be very affective. AsRead MorePart A - Develop an operational plan Name of Business: The Office Assistant Description: Retail1100 Words   |  5 PagesPart A - Develop an operational plan Name of Business: The Office Assistant Description: Retail Store Mission Statement: As a retailer of office products and services, we commit ourselves to offering extensive component of services to satisfy our market. Goal: To expand the scope of services component Objective: To increase services sales by 10% Strategies: - To recruit highly skilled professionals - To provide substantial training to the services department Consultation StrategyRead MoreProposition of Interclean in Puerto Rico1172 Words   |  5 Pagesimplementation of a compensation plan based on the specifics of the local market. Based on this, as well as based on the features and objectives of the firm, the compensation plan to be implemented within the new location is composed from a combination of financial and non financial incentives. The mixture of both types of incentives ensures financial stability for the firm, as well as motivation and satisfaction for the employees. In terms of the fiscal component of the compensation plan, this is a twofoldRead MoreOperational Reorganization1661 Words   |  7 PagesOperational Reorganization Program Our company is downsizing, facing major budget cuts, reorganizing departments and instituting a cross-training program for employees. It s imperative that we effectively manage these process changes and transition into a more productive organization. A goal setting, motivation and stress management program is required to assist employees and management during this transitional time. As we are all aware, we must make our company more responsive to an increasinglyRead MoreThe Need For Planning. Every Company Has Some Sort Of Goal910 Words   |  4 PagesThe Need for Planning Every company has some sort of goal or target that want to accomplish. In order to accomplish them, they most plan. When planning make sure facts are being gathered so that the approach is based on reality and not fantasy. What a lot of people don’t’ realize is that without planning, companies have no direction and aren’t able to bring about results as planned. So for organizations to accomplish their objectives, they must chart out a course of action by using planning techniquesRead MoreImplementation Of A Warehouse Business Manager For The Caboolture Warehouse1092 Words   |  5 PagesImplement Operational Plan Assessment Task 1 As a warehouse business manager for the Caboolture warehouse and after market research that has indicated that my warehouse has great potential for growth this financial year, my aim is to increase the target of Caboolture warehouse of 20%. Procedure a) According to operational general manager , we need to discuss about the resource requirements for implementing the operational plan. As demonstrated in the Appendix 3, the physical and human resources

As Good as It Gets Summary Free Essays

As Good As It Gets, a movie about a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), has many interesting aspects to an abnormal psychology student. â€Å"Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). † (Berger, 2012) There have been several unproven propositions as to what causes OCD including head injuries and infections. We will write a custom essay sample on As Good as It Gets Summary or any similar topic only for you Order Now Those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder have been know to obtain certain signs and symptoms. This including excessive counting, disturbance from germs, excessive validity checking of actions such as turning off the stove, and of course obsessions and compulsions that result in major distress of their life. (Berger) In the movie, As Good As It Gets, Melvin experiences all the above symptoms in addition to many more. Not only did Melvin turn the lock on the door five plus times every time he came in the door, he also flipped the light switch five plus times. As far as Melvin’s fear of germs, he was not at all fond of being touched by anyone and also did not trust to use silverware in restaurants. He would bring packaged plastic ware to use. When Melvin would wash his hands, he would use only hot water and only use a bar of soap for about 5 to 10 seconds. He would then throw the bar of soap away and retrieve a new one from his overly stocked medicine cabinet. His home was untouchably organized and he for the majority of the movie he wouldn’t allow anyone other than himself to enter his home. Melvin did not take being interrupted lightly, especially while working. He has no tolerance for people and didn’t hide that aspect in any way. He said what was on his mind without hesitation or worry of upsetting anyone or hurting his or her feelings. Melvin ate at the same restaurant at the same time every day. He would then sit at the exact same table and demand to have the same waitress. If someone happened to be sitting at â€Å"his† table, he would, without a second thought, speak rudely to them until they left. He would position his plastic ware very specifically and had no patience towards the restaurant employees. Some other obsessions/compulsions Melvin faced were that he avoided stepping on any cracks in his path including brick walkways and also while putting on his shoes he would tap each side of his shoes with each foot before putting them on. It’s hard to say how Melvin â€Å"dealt with† his disorder. It was clear that he avoided socializing with those around him assuming because he did not want them to throw off his routine of interfere with his life and how he lived it. It could be that this is how he dealt with OCD. Another possibility is that he simply followed his day-to-day routine to avoid change and that’s what made his life easier. In fact, this is a major possibility as Melvin was receiving therapy but could not remain persistent in his appointments due to the fact that his therapy appointments messed up his daily routine. Melvin seemed to get by on the simple aspect of seeing his waitress everyday at the restaurant. Towards the end of the movie when Melvin had other people in his apartment it seemed to have set something off in him that caused him to act differently. An example being: when he forgot to lock the door when he brought someone else into his apartment. When he went to leave his apartment and noticed he had forgotten to lock the door, he was shocked. OCD has been linked biologically to â€Å"abnormal functioning by specific regions of the brain. † (Comer, 2013) The orbitofrontal cortex and the caudate nuclei are part of a brain circuit that takes sensory information beginning in the orbitofrontal cortex and where simple impulses derive and those impulses are sent to the caudate nuclei where they are filtered by importance (based on how powerful the impulse is). If the impulses seem to be â€Å"important† they are sent to the thalamus to be acted upon. (Comer) It is obvious that if the filter (the caudate nuclei) is not functioning properly then unnecessary impulses will be sent to the thalamus for further thinking and unnecessary actions will be made. Some antidepressant medications that increase serotonin activity have been found to improve cases of OCD. (Comer) People who develop OCD have been known to blame themselves for their compulsions, obsessions, and antagonizing thoughts. They have anxiety caused by thinking something bad will happen if they don’t perform these actions. People with OCD also experience depression brought on by the constant thoughts and needing perfection. One form of treatment for this cognitive problem would be to attempt to neutralize the thoughts. Neutralizing is â€Å"a person’s attempt to eliminate unwanted thoughts by thinking or behaving in ways that put matters right internally, making up for the unacceptable thoughts. (Comer) Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very common anxiety disorder, which causes people to have repetitive unwanted thoughts and actions. It varies in its severity but in most cases it is treatable. The most popular forms and most effective forms of treatment are medication and therapy. There are many theories on causal factors but none to be proven yet. References Berger, F. K. (2012, March 03). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Retrieved from www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov Comer, R. J. (2013). Abnormal psychology. (8th ed. ). New York, NY: Worth Publishers How to cite As Good as It Gets Summary, Essay examples

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essays (2542 words) -

The Crucible by Arthur Miller The True Devils in Salem In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem witch trials is explored in great detail. There are many theories as to why the witch trials came about, the most popular of which is the girls' suppressed childhoods. However, there were other factors as well, such as Abigail Williams' affair with John Proctor, the secret grudges that neighbors held against each other, and the physical and economic differences between the citizens of Salem Village. From a historical viewpoint, it is known that young girls in colonial Massachusetts were given little or no freedom to act like children. They were expected to walk straight, arms by their sides, eyes slightly downcast, and their mouths were to be shut unless otherwise asked to speak. It is not surprising that the girls would find this type of lifestyle very constricting. To rebel against it, they played pranks, such as dancing in the woods, listening to slaves' magic stories and pretending that other villagers were bewitching them. The Crucible starts after the girls in the village have been caught dancing in the woods. As one of them falls sick, rumors start to fly that there is witchcraft going on in the woods, and that the sick girl is bewitched. Once the girls talk to each other, they become more and more frightened of being accused as witches, so Abigail starts accusing others of practicing witchcraft. The other girls all join in so that the blame will not be placed on them. In The Crucible, Abigail starts the accusations by saying, "I go back to Jesus; I kiss his hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!" Another girl, Betty, continues the cry with, "I saw George Jacobs with the Devil! I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!" >From here on, the accusations grow and grow until the jails overflow with accused witches. It must have given them an incredible sense of power when the whole town of Salem listened to their words and believed each and every accusation. After all, children were to be seen and not heard in Puritan society, and the newfound attention was probably overwhelming. In Act Three of The Crucible, the girls were called before the judges to defend themselves against the claims that they were only acting. To prove their innocence, Abigail led the other girls in a chilling scene. Abby acted as if Mary Warren sent her spirit up to the rafters and began to talk to the spirit. "Oh Mary, this is a black art to change your shape. No, I cannot, I cannot stop my mouth; it's God's work I do." The other girls all stared at the rafters in horror and began to repeat everything they heard. Finally, the girls' hysterics caused Mary Warren to accuse John Proctor of witchcraft. Once the scam started, it was too late to stop, and the snowballing effect of wild accusations soon resulted in the hanging of many innocents. After the wave of accusations began, grudges began to surface in the community. Small slights were made out to be witchcraft, and bad business deals were blamed on witchery. Two characters in The Crucible, Giles Corey and Thomas Putnam, argue early on about a plot of land. Corey claims that he bought it from Goody Nurse but Putnam says he owns it, and Goody Nurse had no right to sell it. Later, when Putnam's daughter accuses George Jacobs of witchery, Corey claims that Putnam only wants Jacobs' land. Giles says, "If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property - that's law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece. This man is killing his neighbors for their land!" Others also had hidden motives for accusing their neighbors. Once the accusations began, everyone had a reason to accuse someone else which is why the hangings got so out of hand. The wave of accusations can be likened to mass hysteria, in which the people involved are so caught up that the y start having delusions of neighbors out to

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Jeff and Julia Woods Passion to Making Photos

Jeff and Julia Woods Passion to Making Photos The world of photographing is unique indeed: it is quite possible to read the whole story with the help of one or several photos, fell in love, be disappointed, or just be happy. For someone, it is very easy to take a camera and start making photos, and present really wonderful pictures.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Jeff and Julia Woods: Passion to Making Photos specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, it is not enough to be born to be a photographer; it is very significant to develop photographing skills, get certain knowledge, and improve awareness day by day. Such great photographers like Jeffery and Julia Woods have already amazed lots of people by their unbelievable works and talent. Their abilities to find something unusual in rather simple things cannot leave indifferent viewers: a smile of a girl, a wave of an old man, or a young man’s wink. Their story of love, their passion to photography, and th eir abilities to make happy moment happier and leave them for a long period of time – all this proves once again that these two people are to weddings, like love is to any marriage. In this paper, the works, skills, and achievements of Jeffrey and Julia Woods will be analyzed; their awards and contribution to the world of photography is really magnificent, because they do not want to create some kind of fantasy, but prefer to concentrate on the images, which play important role to their clients. Lots of people still believe that family business may easily destroy good and loving marriages: financial difficulties, unpredictable costs, desire to get higher position, etc. Of course, all these points may be crucial for some people and for some families, however, the Woods, Jeff and Julia, and their works prove that there are always some exceptions. These two great photographers create own business and develop it to such extent that there is not married couple, who, at least, has not heard about Jeff and Julia Woods. They have a really glamorous studio, they like to travel in order to satisfy their clients and present the best photos of their weddings, they enjoy sponsorship of lots of people, and they are respected by many people from different spheres of life. â€Å"Jeffrey and Julia Woods operate a successful wedding and portrait studio that specializes in highly personalized images that reflect the tastes and experiences that make each client unique† (Perkins, 56). This is why their photos always interesting, beautiful, and full of real emotions. This famous studio can be found in Washington Illinois. However, their first works appeared at more modest place: they start this business as many other couples at their own home. With time, they earned enough money to change the location of their studio, buy all the necessary and modern technologies, and start promoting their services to a wide range of people.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Their marriage lasts for about 18 years, this is why they know much about relations in families, understand the importance of properly planned weddings, attention to each detail on ceremonies, which open doors to absolutely new life, and have enough words to tell in order to encourage other people to take this serious step. Such a slight overview of Jeff and Julia’ personal life provides us with an opportunity to get a clear understanding why their works are in such great demand ring the bells with couples. Now, let us talk more deeply about the works, which Jeff and Julia offer to their clients. â€Å"Photographing your wedding is allowing us to be a part of the most intimate day of your lives. We are committed to pouring our hearts and souls into your love story† (Jeffrey Julia Woods). In this paper, we take one of the weddings, where Jeff and Julia were hired to engrave people’s emotions, actions, feelings, and love. It was Brian and Jennifer’s wedding; the peculiar feature of this very wedding is close attention to each member of family. Jeff and Julie admitted that it was a real pleasure to work with their family as they have already got a chance to learn something about their traditions and preferences, because some time ago, they have worked with their relatives. In Appendix # 1, several photos of this wedding are presented. Jeff and Julia make both coloured and black-and-white photos. With the help of the light, it is possible to underline how wonderful and warm the day of this wedding is. Very often, the photographers focus on the sky and sunlight. The photo of the bride with sun against the background attracts my attention. This very picture presents rather captivating story: a women is happy, she does not close her eyes because of bright light, because her wedding veil protects her. From this very moment, she is under some kind of protection, offered by her future husband. She does not afraid to look forward and she knows that someone very dear is waiting for her in future. Another photo of a wedding dress deserves attention as well. This dress seems like to be in the air. It is a black-and-white picture; I comprehend such choice of colours in the following way. This dress is the thing, presented by bride and groom’s parents. It is one its way to the bride, but still, has some roots from the past, where parents and grandparents still are. This dress is one of the most important things during the wedding, and Julia and Jeff concentrate certain attention on it. Of course, the wedding is impossible without a groom, this is why several photos present the groom with his happiness and confidence, his power and care, his calmness and solidity. On the photo under consideration, there is no attention to the past or present, because right now, his emotions and feelings play the most significant role . He is ready to take the chosen woman and make her his wife. He does not afraid, and he is happy. There are no extra details on this photo; the Woods choose neutral light to attract the viewer’s attention on a person only. To my mind, this photo is really great. The last photo from the wedding under consideration is a kind of reunion of two loving people, who have not seen for some period of time, and now they are happy to be close to each other.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Jeff and Julia Woods: Passion to Making Photos specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More On the background, there is a bright sunlight. It may present a kind of God’s consent on this union. Their wedding is blessed by God; they have the roof to be protected against nature whims; their movements are directed to each other, and their smile serve as the best proof of their desire to be together till the end of their lives. And, as it shoul d be – they are happy and confident in their actions and thoughts. To my mind, it is not that easy to represent such story of life by means of photos. However, I really do not know all those people of pictures and my words are only the imagination, based on Jeff and Julia’s work. This team presents really great pictures. Their work amazes many people; this is why the recognition of their works is obvious. In 2002 and 2003, Jeff and Julia Wood got the award WPPI’s Best Wedding Album of the Year. However, it is not the only one award they may be proud of. â€Å"Two Fuji Masterpieces awards, and a Kodak Gallery Award† (Hurter, 119) can also prove that their works deserve attention, analysis, and admiration. These two professionals realize how it is important to observe all technological innovations and present to their clients only modern works and services. For example, Julia and Jeff always adore films to present their photos; however, nowadays, many peopl e use such services like Facebook or YouTube, this is why digital preference takes leading positions. One of the major purposes of the Woods is to provide the best services for their clients, meet all the clients’ preferences, and feel some kind of contact to comprehend what way of photographing should be chosen. The photographers admit that it turns out to be crucially important to feel at least some part of clients’ emotions in order to represent them on photos, but still be true professionals and create worthwhile pictures. The life is the major subject on the photo. It is not enough just to make a photo of someone or something and present it as high-quality piece of work. Photos are the pieces of this life, and Julia and Jeff realize this truth and use it to astonish their clients and ordinary viewers. Properly chosen light, focus on one figure/event/movement/emotion, and love to clients – all this make Jeff and Julia’s works unique and unbelievably b eautiful. Without any doubts, the works by Jeffrey and Julia Woods are the significant part of the history of photography. So many people want to keep in mind some moments of their life for ever, and these two photographers help people to achieve the desirable purposes. There are lots of unbelievable moments in people’s life, and wedding is one of them. This is why with all respect to clients, weddings, and love, Jeffrey and Julia Woods continue creating more photos, which present a unique story of a happy wedding.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All their photos are connected to each other, this is why they present a story, love, and real life emotions. Julia and Jeff underline that it is their clients’ love that inspires them to create such masterpieces. The Woods’ passion to love, people’s emotions, and good photos attract so many clients. It is not enough to be a doll or a hero on the photo; to demonstrate the significance of the chosen moments turns out to be more important. Jeff and Julia Woods correspond to all above-mentioned requirements; their works cause so many emotions, and even single people are eager to find out couples to experience those emotions, represented on photos by Julia and Jeff. All their awards and admiration of people have enough reasons, and their works dwell in the memory of each person, who faces these works for at least one time in this life. Hunter, Bill. Simple Techniques for Portrait Photographers. Buffalo, NY: Amherst Media, Inc., 2008 Perkins, Michelle. Professional Portrait Lighting: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers. Buffalo, NY: Amherst Media, Inc., 2006. Woods, Julia Jeff. Love Inspired. Sept. 10, 2009. APPENDIX #1

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Shakespeares Sonnet 18 Study Guide

Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 Study Guide William Shakespeares Sonnet 18 is justifiably  considered one of the most beautiful  verses  in the English language. The  sonnet’s  enduring power comes from  Shakespeare’s  ability to capture the essence of love so clearly and succinctly. After much debate among  scholars, it is now generally accepted that the subject of the poem is male. In 1640, a publisher named  John Benson released a highly inaccurate edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets in which he edited out the young man, replacing â€Å"he† with â€Å"she.† Benson’s revision was considered the standard text until 1780 when Edmond Malone returned to the 1609  quarto and re-edited the poems. Scholars soon realized that the first 126 sonnets were originally addressed to a young man, sparking debates about Shakespeare’s sexuality. The nature of the relationship between the two men is highly ambiguous and it is often impossible to tell if Shakespeare is describing platonic or erotic love. Summary Sonnet 18 is perhaps the most famous of the 154 sonnets Shakespeare completed in his lifetime (not including the six he included in several of his plays). The poem was originally published, along with Shakespeares other sonnets, in a quarto in 1609. Scholars have identified three subjects in this collection of poems- the Rival Poet, the Dark Lady, and an anonymous young man known as the Fair Youth. Sonnet 18 is addressed to the latter. The poem opens with the immortal line Shall I compare thee to a summers day? following which Shakespeare does just that, finding the youths beauty even more lovely and more temperate that that of summer. Here Shakespeare is at his most romantic, writing that  love and the youth’s beauty are more permanent than a summer’s day, which is tainted by occasional winds, blistering heat, and the eventual change of season. While summer must always come to an end, the speaker’s love for the man is eternal- and the youths eternal summer shall not fade. The young man to whom the poem is addressed is the muse for Shakespeare’s first 126 sonnets. Although there is some debate about the correct ordering of the texts, the first 126 sonnets are thematically interlinked and demonstrate a progressive narrative. They tell of a romantic affair that becomes more passionate and intense with each sonnet. In the  previous 17  sonnets, the poet has been trying to convince the young man to settle down and have children, but in Sonnet 18 the speaker abandons this domesticity for the first time and accepts love’s all-consuming passion- a theme that appears again in the sonnets that follow. Major Themes Sonnet 18 touches on a few simple themes: Love The speaker begins by comparing the man’s beauty to summer, but soon the man becomes a force of nature himself. In the line  Ã¢â‚¬Å"thy eternal summer shall not fade,† the man suddenly embodies summer. As a perfect being, he is even powerful than the summer’s day to which he has been compared up to this point. In this way, Shakespeare suggests that love is an even more powerful force than nature. Writing and Memory Like many other sonnets, Sonnet 18 contains a volta, or turn, where the subject matter changes and the speaker shifts from describing the subjects beauty to describing what will happen after the youth eventually grows old and dies. Nor shall Death brag thou wanderst in his shade, Shakespeare writes. Instead, he says that the fair youth will live on through the poem itself, which has captured the young mans beauty: So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, / So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. Literary Style Sonnet 18 is an English or Elizabethan sonnet, meaning it contains 14 lines, including three quatrains and a couplet, and is written in iambic pentameter. The poem follows the rhyme scheme  abab cdcd efef gg. Like many sonnets of the era, the poem takes the form of a direct address to an unnamed subject. The volta occurs at the beginning of the third quatrain, where the poet turns his attention to the future- But thy eternal summer shall not fade. The key literary device in the poem is metaphor, which Shakespeare references directly in the opening line. However, instead of using it traditionally- comparing the subject to a summers day- Shakespeare draws attention to all the ways in which the comparison is inadequate. Historical Context Little is known about the composition of Shakespeares sonnets and how much of the material in them is autobiographical. Scholars have long speculated about the identity of the young man who is the subject of the first 126 sonnets, but they have yet to find any conclusive answers. Key Quotes Sonnet 18 contains several of Shakespeares most famous lines. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?Thou art more lovely and more temperateAnd summer’s lease hath all too short a dateSo long as men can breathe or eyes can see,So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.